• November 24, 2022

Blog in – Food blogging in people; For the National Week of Celiach

From 13 to 21 May “ Blog in – Food blogging in people ” For the national celiac disease week

Celiac disease does not rhyme with monotony, but far from! Eating gluten-free is also an opportunity to discover new foods and invent new and tasty solutions, using the most diverse cereals and enhancing naturally gluten-free foods. Like?

To answer this question, AIC Lazio Onlus (Italian Celiac Association of Lazio) has organized a series of appointments with "Blog IN – Food blogging in people", a special event of SuLLeali Responsible Communication, a dynamic and entertaining show involving i food bloggers in the presentation of their tasty culinary creations, together with nutritionists which explain the characteristics of the products used and how to combine them in a virtuous way within a healthy and balanced diet, even more important when you have to manage food intolerances such as celiac disease.

The event – which has received the patronage of the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome, Department of Individuals, Schools and the Solidarity Community of Rome – will take place over 5 days, in 5 exceptional locations: the local markets that adhere to Author Markets, the network that brings together the latest generation markets, who believe in the value of innovation for the redevelopment and enhancement of the Capitoline market areas. Lively, colorful, traditional meeting place within the neighborhoods, always attentive to the promotion of the area and good food for everyone!

This initiative is part of the National Celiac Week (13/21 May), promoted again this year by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) with the aim of raising awareness and informing about what celiac disease is, permanent intolerance to gluten, an autoimmune disease whose only treatment at the moment consists in the exclusion of this protein from one's diet.

"It's about 14.000 people diagnosed with celiac disease in the Rome area and province, and over 17.000 throughout Lazio – comments Paola Fagioli, president of AIC Lazio – To these already significant numbers are added those relating to the undiagnosed and to people suffering from gluten sensitivity who, although not celiac, must comply with a gluten-free diet. For celiac people, eating gluten -free is not a choice, nor a fashion, but a necessity ".

Here are the appointments in detail:

Saturday 13 May – 11.00 am – Nomentano market, Piazza Alessandria

Wednesday 17 May – 11.00 am – Leading Market, via Alberto da Giussano

Thursday 18 May – 11.00 am – Cinecittà Est market, via Stefano Oberto

Friday 19 May – 11.00 – Spring Market, Viale della Spring

Saturday 20 May – 11.00 am – Trieste market, via Chiana

We thank the food bloggers for: Celiaceches, Celiacaperamore, GialloZafferano, Withoutgluinepertuttuttiigusti, ShakeyourLife.