• November 7, 2022

Civitavecchia – ASL Roma F The Truths About Vaccinations Bethaeen False Myths

Civitavecchia – ASL Roma F, The Truths About Vaccinations Bethaeen False Myths, Popular Beliefs, and Scientific rigor

Large Audience YesTerday after the Hall of the Citadel of Music in Civitavecchia for the Conference Organized by ASL Rome F on “The Vaccination Service Meets the Territory”.

The Ministry of Health Recently Published Vaccination Coverage at 24 Months of Age for the Year 2014 (Children Born in 2012).

National Coverage Against Polio, Titanus, Diphtheria, Hepititis B and Whooping Coupe, Which in 2013 was Just Over 95 Percent (The Minimum Value to Guarantee Control of the Disease and Therefore Public Health); In 2014 These Coverages Fell Below That Threshold. The situation is worse for measles, mumps and rubella whose decrease is almost 4 percentage points compared to 2013 (from 90.3 percent to 86.7 percent).

Today if 6-7% of children are not properly vaccinated against major childhood diseases, the result is that each year in Italy about 30.000 children are more or less totally without vaccine coverage. About 50.000 children each year remain unprotected against measles, mumps, and rubella.

As reported in the introduction by the General Director of ASL RMF Dr. Giuseppe Quintavalle, even in ASL RMF the decline in vaccination coverage in the last two years is being felt, but because we were starting from values of absolute excellence today the situation is still not so bad. In any case, if this trend is not reversed promptly, in a few years we too will be at risk.

In our district in just four years almost 1.000 children who have not completed the poliovaccination cycle, of whom as many as 145, at the behest of their parents, have never even had a poliovaccination.

Even more serious is the situation with measles; nearly 800 are the children left unprotected again by parental choice and despite repeated reminders from the ASL in agreement with Family Pediatricians.

Also problematic is the flu vaccination trend that has fallen victim to periodic unfounded alarms. Coverage in the elderly has dropped below 50 percent (we were up to 70) in the elderly.

“The temporal trends,” explained in his very clear speech by him, Dr. Stefano Sgricia, Director of the Vaccination Service of ASL ROMA F – clearly show that this is not a temporary decline but a trend that seems to be consolidating from year to year. Although the decrease seems limited, the reduction in 24-month vaccination coverage that has occurred in recent years for polio, hepatitis B, diphtheria and pertussis may lead to the creation of pockets of susceptible people with serious consequences because of the loss of the benefits of herd immunity.

Even for diseases not currently present in Italy, such as polio and diphtheria, there is always the risk of sporadic cases.

One example,” continued Dr. Sgricia – is what happened last June in Spain, where a 6-year-old boy died from diphtheria. In Spain, the last case of this disease had been reported in 1986.

The child had not undergone any vaccination by parental choice.

Deaths have occurred in Italy for measles, whooping cough (one also in our ASL) and tetanus (two cases in our ASL one of which was fatal).

Most of the infectious agents that cause diseases such as polio, diphtheria or measles are still circulating and still pose a threat to people left susceptible; in the Spanish case in fact, the epidemiological investigations carried out showed that dozens of children around the index case had been infected with the diphtheria bacterium but, being vaccinated, had not fallen ill.”

This Year The Lazio Region, and Therefore Also ASL RMF, Are Also Proprosing Pneumococcal Vaccination. In One Year, The Cost of Pneumonia Alone is about 2.000.000 for Hospitalizations Alone.

Vaccinations, Therefore, Dr. G. G. G. G. G. Strassed in His Conclusions. Quintavalle, confer effects and safe protections on the individual and the population as a Whole but also represent an element of prescriptive appropriateness and savings for the regional health care system by contribution to its economic sustainability.

The Reasons for this Growing Hostility Toward Vaccinations Are Not Health or Technical Reasons; Vaccines Have Always Been and Still Are An Effective and Safe Weapon to Prevent Dancerous And Widespared Diseases. There have been no incidents, no alarming situations, and all research aimed at verifying the association of vaccinations with this or that disease always gives reassuring results. “ The More You Look, The Less You Find ” We might say

Thanks to Vaccinations, Serious Diseases That Caused Millions of Deaths and Disability Cases in the Past Have Become Rare. Many of Today’s Parents Grew Up Without Any Knowledge of the Risks Caused by Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and the Benefits of Immunization for the individual and the Community: Previous Generations, on the other hand, Well Understood the Value of Vaccines Because they have direct or direct or Indirect Experience of the Harm Caused by These Diseases.

Failure of parents and the general public to perceive the risk of disease is an important element in Justifying these destrusts, commenteed Both Dr. Stefano Sgricia Both the other speakers who spoke. In addition, the information confusion generated mainly by social media, the poor attitude to prevention in all fields, and the real scams found online complete a picture of overall and dangerous misinformation.