• November 27, 2022

Control prostate from What Age To Start

Prostate checkup, what age to start at

In the male genital system there is a gland called the prostate which functions to produce seminal fluid and other substances essential for the survival of spermatozoa.

From the age of 40

From the age of 40, this gland can undergo changes such as hypertrophy or enlargement or, as is often unfortunately the case, this gland can be attacked by a tumor, precisely prostate cancer which is very common among men.

So, it is good to do prevention of this gland from the age of 45 years, especially, once a year.

In fact, for the early detection of prostate disease, it is a good idea to get screened right from that age.

While if there is familiarity, it is good to start from the age of 40.

In General, However, for Other Diseases of the Genitourinary System, Espencialy If You Are Exposed To Risk Factors Such As Smoking, Obesity, and Exposure to Chemical factors, it is good to undergo Abdominal Ultrasound AS Early As Age 30.

Young Men Underestimate the Importance of Having This Checkup, and Men, On The Other Hand, Aged 40 and Over, Although Aware of the Importance of a periodical checkup, Many Times Neglect It.

However, The Urological Examination is very important and is used to Evaluate The Prostate, Urination and Sexual Function: IT Consists of A Number of Maneuvers that Assess the General Condition of the Kidneys, Urinary Tract and The Male Reproductive System.

In addition, with the Examination the Doctor Will Be Able to Assess the prostate features Of the patient such as size, shape, texture, surface, margins, and presentce or absence of pain.

So it is Wrong to Avoid Making This Visit Out of Fear, Anxiety or Shame or “Only” Because you have no sympoms.

In fact, Precisely Because the prostate Changs Over the Years, it is good to have periodic checkups to reassure yourself that all is well.

It is advisable, as seen, to start checking the prostate from age 40-45 and up.