• November 3, 2022

Differences Bethaeen Infusion Herbal Tea and Decocation

Differences Bethaeen Infusion, Herbal Tea and Decocation

There is talk of Infusion When Water is made to Heat and, Before Bailing, is poured over partly soft ingredients (flowers and leaves), leaving it to steep for a few minutes (Examples of Infusion Are Tea or Chamomile).

The Difference Bethaeen Infusions and Herbal Teas Lies Precisely in the Ingredient Used in Their Preparation.

If in the infusion the ingredients are part of the same plant, that is, both the flowers and leaves of the same plant are used, in the herbal tea instead there is a mixture made up of different medicinal plants, chopped up and immersed in boiling water where they are left to infuse.

Precisely because, in herbal tea, the functional and therapeutic effect comes from the mix of different plants: a main plant that is the “cardinal remedy“providing the main active ingredient and one or more other plants”adjuvants” which make it easier to absorb the main active ingredient and provide other benefits.

In any case, an herbal tea can be a maximum of six medicinal plants. Finally, regarding the decoction, the difference is in its preparation. You simmer the water together with the other ingredients (roots, twigs, bark, berries).

Ingredients are poured into the water just as the water is boiling for several minutes and then steeped for another ten minutes or so.

This process, i.and., decoction is useful for extracting its active ingredients from many herbs.

One example is the lemon and ginger decoction.

Thus, the difference between infusions and herbal teas lies in the ingredients of which they are composed while decoction differs from the other two types because of its preparation.