• December 17, 2022

Praise of pain reliever basil par excellence helps blood circulation

Praise of basil: pain reliever par excellence helps blood circulation

Some answers to the health demand that are often comforted by the medicine studies are directly from nature directly from nature. In fact, there are plants that used in the kitchens or medical traditions of some countries for thousands of years, they can make benefits sufficiently conclaimed even at the level of scientific research. This time, Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Rights Desk, wants to talk about the benefits and uses of a plant, used as a spice for the delicate flavor, for many irreplaceable. Basil is one of the cooler plants that we can find in circulation, sometimes used even for its good smell.

Yet basil contains an infiniteness of substances that represent a real cure -all for the correct functioning of our body, net of a practically negligible calorie intake. The basil is very rich in potassium, which makes it perfect to restore the right water balance to our body; Furthermore, even if not in industrial quantities, this plant also contains calcium, perfect excellent for the solidity of the bones; Finally, thanks to iron and phosphorus, basil helps our correct blood circulation and also helps our brain to keep pan and freshness. Furthermore, basil is rich in magnesium and vitamin A, important elements for our immune system.

But what not everyone knows is that this plant is prodigious with regard to joint problems and rheumatic pains: its leaves contain an element called eugenol which has very strong pain-relieving properties, so much so that in recent times it has even obtaining an essential oil.