• November 16, 2022

Summer is coming how to curb hair loss

Summer is coming: how to curb hair loss

We all look forward to the arrival of summer: the most beautiful season of the year because it allows us to disconnect from study or work and live our social lives intensely. Yet, this season is often a harbinger of pathologies and problems that can seriously embarrass us: among the worst we find hair loss, which becomes more massive as summer progresses, both in women and men. Today we will see why this happens and all the best remedies to curb hair loss and prevent it, nipping any risk in the bud.

Summer: why hair loss increases?

Why in the summertime hair loss can become more massive? UV rays from the sun are to blame, which can alter at multiple levels not only the structure of the hair, but also our scalp: rising temperatures, and the consequent increase in sweat, can then worsen the situation, making our head a fertile territory for the invasion of fungi and bacteria, which can participate in hair loss. The Enemies of the hair in Summer, Therefore, Are Mainly Sebum alterations two to the Sun’s Rays, Oxidation of Hair and Infiction by Fungi and Bacteria that can proliferate two to profuses Sweating.

Dehydration of the hair shaft two to heat can also obvavously affecto hair weakness.

How To Curb Hair Loss in Summer?

ALthough Some of the hair loss sake, two to a cell turnover linked to the cycle of the seasons, it is possible to intervene decisivevely when hair loss exceeds normal levels. How to? First of All, Adopting Respectful Habits, Moisturizing The Skin, Avoid Excessive Exposure During the Hottest Hours of the Day, Covering The Hair With Caps, Drinking Plenty of Water (AT Least 2 Liters for Day) and Aviding Eating Junk, Fried Or High- Fat Foods.

Finally, it is possible to Strengthen the hair fiber from the Inside by Taking, for Example, Hair Loss Tablets Produced by Bioscalin.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Why wait for the manifestation of the problem, when it is possible to intervene at the outset to prevent hair loss? By performing a trichological test, for example, it is possible to obtain fairly accurate information about the condition of our hair and the causes that might initiate hair loss. There are also bad habits to avoid, such as the aforementioned fatty diets and also smoking, along with alcohol consumption and the use of “miracle” creams, which could also irritate the skin and aggravate the situation.

Even stress can greatly affect the health of the scalp and hair, along with close use of the hair dryer and the bad habit of abusing shampoos.