• December 4, 2022

Blistering on the foot How to Treat It

Blister on the foot, How to Treat It

Blisters on the foot occur from continuous Rubbing Bethaeen Skin and Footwear or From Sunburn. The Blading is Nothing More Than a Collection of Fluid (Serum) That Leads to the Formation of the Blister or Bubble.

If the bladder is still small

If the blister is still small and in quitle or no pain, bursting can be avoided because the skin provides a natural barrier against bacteria and veterance the risk of infection.

Therefore, it is advisable only to cover it with a patch to protect it and wait for spontaneous reabsorption (which will eye in a few days).

On the other hand, if the blister is large and pain, it is necessary to drain the accumated fluid under the skin by Making a small hole with a sterile needle and disinfecting the skin before and after the procedure.

Specificartly for drainage of fluid in the bladder, Proceed with these steps:

  • Disinfect the bladder with a disinfectant
  • With a Syringe Make One or More Small Holes at the edge of the blister or blister (The Operation Does Not Cause Pain)
  • With Gauze Put Light But Steady Pressure On The Roof of the Blister or Blister Until the Liquid Comes Out and the Blister Goes to the Same Level As the Skin
  • Disinfect Again and cover Everything with a Medicated Patch
  • Continue to Medicate The Underlying Skin With a Healing Ointment to Protect It from Further Trauma.

However, Blisters Can Also BE Presentad: Since they Often Occhur Because One Wears The Wrong Shoes or Shoes That Are Too Tight and Thus Rub Against The Skin, The Advice is to get comfortable (Wearing SOCKS) When One Plans to Go for Long Walks.

Zinc Oxide and Magnesium Silicate Creams Can be applied Preventively So as to Soften the skin and decrease friction with bigks or shoes.