• December 4, 2022

Umbilical cord what mom and dad have to do to keep it

Umbilical cord, what mom and dad have to do to keep it?

The stem cell collection is a very important decision to be made consciously and after evaluating every aspect. However, what you need to do after making the decision to keep the stamins of the umbilical cord?

Before signing the contract, it must be ascertained that the chosen biobank has certain quality standards and guarantees the conservation of the samples in case of bankruptcy. A valid quality indicator is to have national and international certifications, such as the Aabb (American Association of Blood Blanks) and the Jacie (Jain Accreditation Committee). After this check the future parents will need the clearance to the export of the sample and will therefore have to fill in the modules that the hospital chosen for the birth will have provided them.

Umbilical cord, contact the Biobanca

In the meantime, mom and dad will have to Contact Biobanca which will send the kit collection (a
special container in which the tools to be used for withdrawal and for the
correct storage of cord blood stem cells until they arrive at the biobank. The kit has been studied
in fact, to correctly store the sample during transport, it is equipped with a mechanism of
internal temperature control.

The support of a tutors personnel to contact in any eventuality is another factor indicating the
quality of a biobank. On the day of the birth, the father will have to take the kit and deliver it to the hospital that is
will take care of the withdrawal. Immediately afterwards, the new parents will have to call the biobank who will send a
courier assigned to transfer the sample to the laboratory, where the stem cells will be subjected to

Analysis and cryoconversation

After the analyses, cryopreservation will be carried out and the parents will receive the certificate of
cryopreservation which certifies the conservation of stem cells in Biocontainers (special containers) a
196 ° C, temperature that will guarantee cell conservation for many years during which the
family may, in case of need, request the delivery of the sample subject to authorization
at the importance of the Ministry of Health.