• November 20, 2022

Diet because blood tests are important before starting

Diet, because blood tests are important before starting

Before starting a diet it is important to contact an expert who knows how to evaluate the starting situation and which path is the best to follow to get back in shape. Do-it-yourself diets should be avoided, especially if you suffer from pathologies and if we have never changed our style of eating, improvisation never brings definitive results.

Diet, do all the necessary tests

When you decide to start a diet it is good to do several tests to confirm that your body is ready. In fact, it is necessary to be in good health precisely because, as you know, diets usually involve some deprivation and narrowness, also eliminating some foods that used to be consumed. This could lead to “imbalances” or important deficiencies: for this purpose, the blood tests They can help evaluate the general state of health and check some parameters that will help the doctor decide whether you are ready to start a diet or not.

Other exams can be blood sugar, uricemia, triglycerides, cholesterol, as well as making a pressure control. In fact, if you have low pressure, making a diet could lead to the risk of fainting or in any case, those who suffer from it should take, during the diet of magnesium, potassium and sodium supplements. Another important exam is that of food intolerance precisely because during the diet some foods could be eliminated but new ones could also be introduced (which perhaps usually did not consume) and therefore we must eliminate the possibility of some intolerance.

Not least the thyroid

Finally, make a thyroid exam to evaluate that there are no dysfunctions: the thyroid plays a very important role because it produces the molecules that manage the metabolism of the body’s organs. All these tests, of course, allow the professional to understand what the best diet may be for the patient (in fact, the personalization of the diet is very important precisely because we are all different as well as our body and what can be good for a person, may not fit another).