• November 18, 2022

Lymphatic drainage massage risks and benefits

Lymphatic drainage massage: risks and benefits

There are many types of massages but in particular, one of the most requested is the lymphatic drainage one which acts on the lymphatic circulation to facilitate it and eliminate any stagnation of liquids. It is especially requested by women who, thanks to these massages, want to eliminate blemishes such as cellulite. There are different types and the differences lie precisely in the manipulation techniques.

We remind you that before going for a massage it is good to check and ask if the anticovid massage rules are respected in the centre.

The types of massage

There is the manual one, used above all in the medical-therapeutic field which serves to eliminate lymph stagnation and is carried out (or rather should be carried out) only by physiotherapists who know the techniques for practicing it. Phenekam massage is another type of lymphatic drainage massage used to eliminate water retention, swelling and toxins from the body.

There is also Ayurvedic massage, of which Shiatsu is a part, which is carried out to prevent and treat disorders such as those always linked to lymphatic circulation (this type is recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health). The benefits of every lymphatic drainage massage are:

  • cellulite reduction;
  • alleviation of the problem of swollen feet;
  • reduction of swelling;
  • help against acne.

The remarkable benefits

Therefore, the benefits are considerable but the risks are also around the corner: it is in fact essential to contact professional masseurs in authorized structures. In fact, if you rely on non-experts, the expected results could be completely non-existent. Furthermore, an expert masseur will know if the particular client can undergo this practice or if, in the presence of pathologies or situations, there may be contraindications.

For example, lymphatic drainage massage cannot be performed when suffering from hypotension or hypertension, heart disease, tumors, infections, asthma, diseases or disorders in the area to be treated. Therefore, it is always better to rely on an expert who has full knowledge of lymphatic drainage massage, techniques to practice it, any contraindications and how many sessions will be necessary to solve a problem or an imperfection.