• December 15, 2022

DIY Diet, because they are to be avoided

DIY Diet, because they are to be avoided

With the arrival of the summer, many have decided to start doing physical activity and getting on a diet. Many have turned, as it is right to be, to professionals: to dieticians, to have advice on the diet to be followed more suitable for their build and needs and personal trainers, for a training plan appropriate to their athletic preparation and to your physical objectives.

Diet, you don’t read on the internet

Many others, however, are given to do -it -yourself diets because maybe, reading on the internet of some new diet followed by a star, they think they can find the perfect shape quickly and easily.

DIY diets, however, are to be avoided for a series of reasons but First of all because they do not take into consideration the starting point of the person followed but almost always are based on general advice and standard that are believed to be valid for everyone but who instead do not always adapt to the specific needs of a person, his body and his problems.

Most of the time, then, the DIY diets involve prohibitions in the consumption of many foods with the belief that the less you eat, the more you lose weight but this is incorrect because it deprives the body of fundamental nutrients.

Maybe he also lost weight but he is certainly not healthy!

Another risk, then, is to lose weight at first but to recover all the kg (among other things with the “interests”) after having reintroduced them, frustrating all the efforts in no time.

The final advice for anyone who wants to lose weight by remaining healthy, is to rely on professionals and always choose healthy foods.

Do not follow the fashions of the moment or make a diet only “because it goes fashionable”: with health you don’t joke and there is much more than showing a nice body.