• December 6, 2022

DIY Diet attention to health

DIY Diet, attention to health

More and more people think they can lose weight by relying on do -it -yourself diets, perhaps taking inspiration from some reading on websites or magazines, rather than relying on a nutritionist or a doctor. DIY diets (especially those that promise to lose several pounds in a short time) are most of the time counterproductive and harmful.

Some diets lead to real fasts

Some diets lead to real fasts, others to jump some meals and, above all, many are devoid of “personification”: in fact, a diet that works for one person, may not work for another. That’s why it is important to contact a professional who will evaluate the starting situation of the single person who wants to start a diet.

DIY diets, in fact, do not allow you to lose weight healthy: very often it is thought that these are effective because they allow you to lose pounds in a short time (even if most of the time it is not so). But even if it were, they are not balanced and can create other imbalances or more serious damage than a few extra pounds: for example, malnutrition, sleep disorders, difficulty breathing, headache, cramps and so on.

For this it is always better to follow a safe diet

For this reason it is always better to follow a safe diet that will also be effective (even if you will lose weight gradually and not “miraculously” as many do -it -yourself diets promise). Furthermore, the diets proposed by a professional allow you to acquire a lasting diet without living a negative experience such as the “yo” or the reacquito the lost kg (and perhaps increased) in a short time after having lost them (maybe because yes Back to reintroduce foods that, arbitrarily, had eliminated).

Ultimately, better to rely on experts or recognized and safe food regimes without having to deprive themselves of some foods which, however, could be necessary for the body.