• October 29, 2022

From 18 to 24 April open doors throughout Italy in over 150 hospitals with pink stickers

From 18 to 24 April open doors throughout Italy in over 150 hospitals with pink stickers

Free visits, instrumental examinations, consultations and information events in Italian hospitals to “Woman measure” to bring prevention services and care of the main female pathologies

On the website www.stamp.It is the list of services offered by members members and booking methods

Milan, 5 April 2017 – Onda, on the occasion of the second national day of women’s health that is celebrated on April 22, organizes the second edition of the (H) Open Week with the aim of promoting information and services for the prevention and care of the main pathologies feminine. In the week from 18 to 24 April through over 150 hospitals with pink stickers who have joined the initiative, visits, consultations, instrumental exams will be offered free of charge and information events and many other activities will be organized within 12 specialist areas: diabetology , dietology and nutrition, endocrinology, gynecology and obstetrics, diseases and disorders of cardio-vascular system, metabolic diseases of bone, reproduction medicine, neurology, oncology, rheumatology, senology, support for women victims of violence.

The initiative, which has obtained the patronage of 22 scientific societies* and the collaboration of Federfarma, is also made possible thanks to the unconditional contribution of master’s and grunenthal cosmetics.

The services offered are available on the website www.stamp.IT with indications on dates, times and booking methods. You can select the Region and the Province of Interest to view the list of hospitals that have joined and consult the type of service offered.

“Also at this second edition of the (h) Open Week many hospitals have joined the pink stamps”, explains Francesca Merzagora, president of Onda, “testifying to their continuous commitment in promoting gender medicine and in the personalization of the treatment to in order to guarantee diagnostic and therapeutic appropriateness. Over 150 hospitals distributed throughout Italy (Lombardy, Lazio and Veneto the most represented regions, but also Campania, Sicily and Puglia) make their clinicians available with a great organizational effort to bring the population closer to the main pathologies of women by informing them about more appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The Pink Bollini circuit, a concrete example of a gender oriented medicine, has reached the first ten -year and at the end of 2017 it is renewed: a new stamp site.IT offers the possibility of consulting the services offered by the structures participating in the network and related initiatives “more easily”.

“Too often we women give up to heal ourselves”, testifies to the on. Beatrice Lorenzin, Minister of Health. “Our daily life, marked by the work and care of children and family, by assistance to elderly parents and relatives, is considered by many studies as a source of physical and psychological attrition, so much ’ it is true that if women live more, they spend the last years of their life in worse health conditions than men. For this reason, I believe it is essential not only to deal with women’s health as a value in itself and as a social value, which concerns everyone, but to act concretely.

With the initiative ‘(h) Open Week’ women will be sensitized to the care of their health. In addition, on April 22, the II National Health Day of Women will be held represents a moment of comparison between scientists and experts, associations and citizens regarding the main diseases that affect the female gender, possible treatments and prevention activities necessary to carry out.

Our health is the health of families and society and the II National Women’s Health Day is a good time to remember and remember it “.

“The pharmacies participate enthusiastically in this second edition of the (H) Open Week,” says Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma. “We share the need to promote gender medicine and customization of care, to improve the appropriateness of therapies. For this reason the 6pm.000 Italian pharmacies collaborate in the Onda initiative by informing women – who are the most frequent visitors to the pharmacy as they take care of the well-being of the whole family – on the possibility of booking free visits and exams in the many hospitals that have joined the Bollini Rosa campaign. In the pharmacies, a poster will be exhibited to inform about this opportunity and facilitate women’s participation in visits for the prevention and care of the main female pathologies “.

For more information, visit www.stamp.it or send an e-mail to@Bollinirosa events.IT.

* Bulimia Anorexia Association (ABA), Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition (ADI), Italian University Gynecologists Association (AGUI), Italian Celiac Association (AIC), Diabetologists Association (AMD), Italian Hospital Obstetricians Gynecologists Association (AOGOI), Regional Associations of Ambulatory Cardiologists (ARCA), Senonetwork Italia Onlus Association, Italian Society of Diabetology (SID), Italian College of Fetal Maternal Medicine (SIDIP), Italian Society of Endocrinology (SIE), Italian Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound (SIEC), Italian Society of Fertility and Reproductive Medicine (SIFES and MR), Italian Society of Gynecology for Seniors (SIGITE), Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SIGO), Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension (SIIA), Italian Society of Emergency and Urgency Medicine ( SIMEU),Italian Society of Neurology (SIN), Autonomous Association adhering to Sin for Dementia (Sin-Dem), Italian Society of Human Nutrition (Sinu), Italian Society of Psychiatry (SIP), Italian Society of Rheumatology (SIR).