• November 16, 2022

Live mussels dangerous to health alert throughout Italy

Live mussels dangerous to health: alert throughout Italy

A maximum alert has just been issued throughout Italy for live mussels because they could contain the dangerous
Escherichia Coli bacterium “beyond the legal limits”. The alarm that concerns the entire national territory, from north to south, was launched by the RASFF, the alert system
rapid European Union for food safety.The risk is spreading like wildfire and would seem to affect most of the live mussels sold on the Italian market.The Rasff has already sent a document on risky foods for the withdrawal of potentially dangerous products for public health.

Live mussels, increasing risk

And they are really if they contain this very insidious bacterium present in water polluted by feces which can be one bomb for the digestive system and cause nausea, severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting. The alert in question is dated 27 November ref. 2034.2017, the lots involved are not known also because they concern
not only large-scale distribution but fishmongers and markets. What is certain is that the withdrawal (presumably) has already started throughout Italy, a measure to protect the health of consumers. The invitation from the Alert System invites everyone to pay the utmost attention and not to consume this type of bivalves without first submitting them to the control of the food hygiene and nutrition service of the local ASL.

Shellfish always well cooked

Giovanni D’Agata, president of the Rights Office, recalls that the consumption of bivalve molluscs is considered a of the main responsibilities of transmission to the man of various bacterial and viral diseases of origin as well as intoxications from Entertaino. Therefore, it invites anyone who has purchased this product to consume it well cooked avoiding the consumption of raw products.