• November 29, 2022

From May 27 to June 4, the week of multiple sclerosis of Aism

From May 27 to June 4, the week of multiple sclerosis of Aism

Also this year the spotlight of the National Week of Multiple Sclerosis are turned on, the main appointment with the information on the disease promoted by AISM – Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association with its foundation (FISM) from 27 May to 4 June.

The highlight of the week will be the May 31st, World SM day: 70 countries of the world will be ideally connected thanks to the campaign #Lifewithms: Living with SM can be difficult, because new challenges come every day asking for new solutions.

The world campaign will be very "social". With the'#Lifewithms Anyone who wants will be able to share messages and tell how to live with SM, what are the visible and invisible symptoms and the difficulties – many – with which 3 million people manage to conquer each day a quality life.

Video – Campaign messages will be posted on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and reported on the World MS Day website [https: // worldmsday.Org]. All over the world the multiple sclerosis associations gathered in the MSIF, the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis, will present the "International Principles of the quality of life".

The appointments of the AISM section of Rome

May 27th – Territorial Conference of the National Week "Multiple sclerosis and treatments: results and expectations", with illustrious speakers

20 and 21 – May 27 and 28 – "Aism's aromatic herbs": all in the square to support scientific research. On the website www.AISM.it/Rome the complete list of solidarity points

May 16 – Pint of science

May 28 – "Music for Aism" concert

May 31st – World Multiple Sclerosis Day

Territorial Conference of the National Week "Multiple sclerosis and treatments: results and expectations"

Saturday 27 May, 9 am, Santa Lucia Foundation – neuroscience and rehabilitation, via Ardeatina 354, Rome.

In the meeting, organized by the Lazio Regional Coordination, the president of the AISM Provincial Section of Rome Giancarlo Silveri It will present the multiple sclerosis barometer, the tool capable of measuring the reality of SM in Italy and define the action priorities for the realization of the AISM 2020 Agenda. Ample space will be dedicated to updates on research, with excellent speakers: Professor Marco Salvetti, Centers Hospital S. Andrea will illustrate the scenario and developments of the safer and more effective pharmacological therapies, Dr Luca Battistini, Santa Lucia Foundation, the Dr Maria Grazia Grasso, Multiple Sclerosis Center Fondazione Santa Lucia, will illustrate the most important rehabilitation therapies to improve the quality of life of patients, with updates from research.

The meeting is free, registration is required.

For information and registration:

Provincial section AISM Rome

Fundraising in our squares: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May

The XVIII National Week of Multiple Sclerosis starts with "Aism's aromatic herbs", The fundraising and information initiative on research promoted by AISM with its foundation to be held in over 30 squares in Rome and its province (to find out where, consult the website: www.aism.it/rome). At the AISM solidarity points, the volunteers will also give information on research financed by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association with its Foundation, on multiple sclerosis and on the activities of the Association.

The funds raised in the squares with “The Aromatic Herbs of AISM” will be entirely donated to FISM scientific research. For a donation of 10 euros, we will take home colours, perfumes and aromas with which to beautify the environments in which we live or to flavor the dishes in our kitchen. Above all, they have the flavor of the "Goodness" that spreads throughout every territory.

The initiative is supported with the contribution of Simmenthal, leading brand in the canned meat market, unique partner and in the third consecutive year of collaboration with AISM.

Pint of Science

For the youngest and for those who love to taste life at any age, the week of information from AISM is involved in the great international event Pint of Science, which in Italy will take place on 15, 16 and 17 May. AISM will be protagonist of a talk on May 16 in Rome, at 8 pm, with the neurologists Luca Battistini and Giovanna Borsellino of the Santa Lucia IRCSS Foundation (Via A. Pacinotti 83, Ostiense area). The theme “Intestinal flora, immune responses and multiple sclerosis”.

Concert “Music for AISM”

Sunday 28 May, 6.30 pm, Church of San Francesco in Anguillara Sabazia.
"Music for AISM" is a solidarity concert in support of the activities of the AISM Operational Group of the Bracciano Lake District.

The concert will be performed by “The Last Lamp” jazz trio and the "Lacustic Quintet", with the participation of the soprano Paola Giovani.

5'1000: 10 years that changed multiple sclerosis research
The possibility of allocating its 5 × 1000 to research has led to a change of pace from 2006 to today. Here is what AISM and its FISM Foundation have been able to achieve. But there is still a lot, a lot, to do.

In 2006 AISM and its FISM Foundation allocated 1 to scientific research.7 million a year. In 2016 this figure, which means new life prospects for many people with MS, rose to 4.5 million euros. The gasoline that has transformed the "car" of research into a "jet" that travels at three times the speed is 5 x 1000: since it was introduced ten years ago, it has guaranteed the research that AISM promotes and directs no less than 45 million euros.

If we think that throughout its long history the Association has invested 61.3 million for research, we immediately understand the revolution that these contributions have brought about: three quarters of all AISM 'registered' research have found fertile ground in which to flourish thanks to the many Italians who have chosen AISM and its Foundation.

Allocating the 5×1000 is a voluntary and conscious gesture at no additional cost: by indicating the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in your tax return, you can change the history of scientific research.

To donate your 5X1000 to FISM, just remember two things while filling out the appropriate form, attached to the CUD supplementary model, to the Unico model or 730:

Your signature inside the box "Financing to scientific research institutions and universities".