• November 20, 2022

Health Sileri on the fight against HIV Institutions on the front line

Health, Sileri on the fight against’HIV: “Institutions on the front lines”

“Institutions need to do a lot in the fight against HIV, so much so that some parliamentarians have tabled several amendments and there is also a government amendment to improve what is the’information and education campaigns on HIV and against AIDS& #8221;. Speaking to the Dire agency is the deputy minister of health, Pierpaolo Sileri, who was present at the last meeting of the series organized on the topic by the Ministry of Health, in Rome.

But what can and should the ministry do directly?

“ The Ministry Must Do Its Job, Which is to Supervise, Monitor, and Push the Regions to do Everything That Needs To Be Done in the interest of the Citizens- Continues The Deputy Minister, Referring to the Difficulties in Implementing the National AIDS Plan ’ At the local level-it is clear that young people do not know what hiv is, and if you do not know what the beloved is, you do not know how how it is transmitted. We need to do an ’ Information Work, Through Schools, Universities, Social Media, TV, to make People Aware Of Hiv, Make Them Undersand That It Can Become Aids and Even IF There is Treatment It is beter not to get Sick. To do this we need information, fair, direct, simple, USable and repeable ” Sileri concludes.