• November 21, 2022

From today in Bracciano the Conference of Health Services two days of work

From today in Bracciano the Conference of Health Services: two days of work for ….get to know each other better!

Two intense days to get to know and get to know each other: operators, managers, officials, middle managers and actors from local institutions and associations, gathered in Bracciano, in the welcoming setting of the Multipurpose Center of the ASL ROMA F, to inform, share, to bring together the many existing company activities under a common denominator.

The Company Management intended to bring together once again all its ‘workers’ to repeat, and this time on an ongoing basis, that team building operation which was found to be necessary and preparatory for the positive progress of local public health.

In fact, the Services Conference also represents the institutional body dedicated to consulting voluntary associations and associations for the protection of citizens’ rights, which operate within the Company and therefore proves to be the moment of choice in which the collaboration between the Company, the local administrations, and more generally with the stakeholders.

The tool of the Services Conference, already used in the first edition last June in Civitavecchia, in addition to being an operational and strategic tool for company activities, represents a series of strong moments of both internal communication, useful for reinforcing the sense of belonging, and external, aimed at giving legitimacy and dignity to many lines of activity often relegated to the informational shadow.

“This second edition of the Services Conference which begins today – explained General Manager Quintavalle this morning in greeting the participants – is aimed at integrating communication and information on the range of services offered by the ASL RMF. The need to complete the information framework satisfies the participants’ right to information and creates the opportunity for interaction between services to formulate summaries. For continuity with the first edition, the Hospital, Territory, Prevention scheme is re-proposed, which proved to be functional in the comparison and production of possible synergies on methods and contents in sectors with similar activities.”

The aim of the service conference is to make more operational on the level of the debate and practice, a time when health is intended as a “participated act”, and where the involvement of all health and social services together becomes important to voluntary associations, to the representatives of the District Program agreements, to the general practitioners, to the representatives of the trade union organizations and all those who collaborate in the management of the health of the population in our territories.