• December 21, 2022

Prevent tumors with sport and food

Prevent tumors with sport and food

Breast cancer is the oncology disease that affects the female population more frequently. What can be done to prevent it? How you can act to protect your health before any breast cancer symptoms appear?

Preventing a tumor can be acting on your lifestyle. Practicing physical activity, following a balanced diet and keeping body weight under control can prevent the onset of some tumor forms, including ovar cancer, breast, liver, esophagus and colon. 1

Recent scientific studies have highlighted that nutrition plays an essential role in maintaining health and prevention of the onset of different pathologies. It has been estimated that the 30% of the cases of cancer in western countries is linked to the power supply, making the food the second most important tumor prevention factor after quitting smoking. 1

This is because there are some substances present in the foods that are considered potentially harmful to health. Among these substances “bad for health” are nitrites and nitrates, used in the preservation of cured meats, alphatoxins, generated by molds in food, and also animal fats and proteins, when taken in excess 2. Then there are “health-friendly” foods such as fruit, vegetables, cereals, pasta, bread and legumes.

Even some foods typical of international cuisines can prove to be excellent allies: among these are soy, seaweed, curry and ginger. Finally, fibers are considered a panacea in the prevention of various forms of cancer, such as breast and stomach cancer, the incidence of which is lower in those who follow a diet rich in fibers 2 ,3 ‚Äč. This is because fibers are able to regulate the production of estrogen which, at high levels, is associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Maintaining the right nutrition also has effect on maintaining the right body weight that also influences the health of the person. The ideal body mass index should be between 18.5 and 25 1 kilos on the square of the height in meters.

Obviously, practicing a regular sporting activity is another good habit for health and for maintaining the right form form. According to several studies, women who regularly practice a sport and maintain a normal weight, have 12% of risk less than contracting breast cancer 4. To start setting off just walk quickly for at least 30 minutes every day.

Subsequently, after getting in shape and based on your state of health, you can move on to more regular and lasting activities 5.

In addition to following healthy daily habits, it is good to undergo all regular screening exams for a right prevention of tumor forms. Regular specialist checks must be planned and decide whether to rely on genetic tests capable of detecting mutations associated with some types of tumor forms (such as the test for mutations on BRCA genes which allows you to detect the predisposition for breast and ovary cancer). It is important to consult your doctor so as to define a screening and prevention path suitable for your health and familiarity with some forms of cancer.