• November 12, 2022

This is what the link between food pregnancy and the umbilical cord consists of

This is what the link between food, pregnancy and the umbilical cord consists of

Approaching food and following proper nutrition is not always immediate and easy for everyone. Today the link between food and pregnancy is well known, and consequently the umbilical cord plays an important role, since it is the organ that allows the passage of nutrients between mother and baby. On the website of the Ministry of Health 1 a compendium of useful advice on the ideal diet to follow was made available: eat 4-5 times a day, and drink a lot of water, prefer vegetable and seasonal fruit, preferably take white meats and fish well cooked.

Avoid raw meat and fish, sausages, fatty and alcohol foods, and reduce the intake of coffee, sugar and eggs.

At the San Matteo hospital in Pavia, a team of regenerative medicine scholars conducted a research 2 that highlights the relationship between what the parents eaten, before and after the pregnant period, and the stem cells present in the umbilical cord.

It seems, in fact, that the substances that make up the foods have an ’ direct influence on the development of oocytes and spermatozoa. These would in turn affect the cord stem cells. The research highlights how the number of stem cells present in children born from malnutrite or hypernutrite women is lower, and this means a weaker immune system and a slower replacement capacity of the lost cells.

The replacement of the cells takes place every day, and is not due exclusively in the presence of a disease, in this way, however, the health of a person is very affected by the reduced number of stem cells.

The conservation of stem cells offers a very important means of therapy for families, to be exploited together with the progress of the research.