• November 11, 2022

Constipation, which natural methods can be adopted

Constipation, which natural methods can be adopted

There constipation (or constipation) It occurs when it evacuates less than three times a week and not, as you mistakenly think, when it does not evacuate regularly every day. There are several remedies from medicinal to natural ones such as herbal teas or herbs.

Among the symptoms of this disorder there are:

  • heaviness
  • swelling
  • feeling of not completely freed yourself
  • meteorism
  • general malaise

While the causes can be traced back to:

  • dehydration
  • sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement
  • pregnancy (due to the expanding uterus which puts pressure on the intestine)
  • taking certain medications and antidepressants

Often, to solve the problem of constipation we resort to laxatives but these, if taken in abundance, very often contribute to the onset of much more serious problems. In fact, the intestine will gradually tend to get used to the laxatives which will be able to “work” only when they are taken, developing a real addiction.

Effective natural remedies

That is why it is much better to resort to gods effective natural remedies and less invasive than laxatives. In this regard, it is possible to carry out some changes in your diet because certainly the food on our table influences the phenomena of constipation.

Therefore, it is essential drink water, At least two liters per day, to ensure perfect hydration of its body and encourage a softer consistency of the feces which, thus, will easily reach the intestine.

Me too’coconut it is portentous as a natural laxative.

Then, it is advisable to take many fibers that can be introduced by eating vegetables, preferably cooked, and legumes but also fruit (such as kiwis, prickly pears or plums).

Of help can also be the flax seed, to take two tablespoons a day before drinking a glass of warm water or at room temperature: this form an emollient mixture for the intestinal walls that promotes transit.

On the other hand, very dry foods (bread, biscuits, crackers) but also some types of vegetables and vegetables (such as potatoes and carrots) or fruits (such as bananas) should be avoided, which are astringent.