• December 9, 2022

Back to Rome “Love it! Conscious sex” campaign on contraception for young women

Back to Rome “Love it! Conscious sex “: the contraception campaign for young women

After the great success of last year, it stops again in Rome, at the Salone dello Studente which closes tomorrow at the Fiera di Roma, Love it! Conscious sex, contraception awareness campaign promoted by SIGO – Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics in collaboration with “The pill without the pill”, an educational project of MSD Italia.

Sexuality and contraception: how prepared are girls on the subject? How much they appreciate and find it helpful to talk about these topics with gynecologists? Data from a 2015 survey reveal that 68% of young women know of no alternative to the pill, despite 84% having expressed the desire to change contraceptive method.

To explain to girls the importance of contraception and help them experience sexuality responsibly comes Love it! Conscious sex, The information and awareness campaign promoted by SigoItalian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics in collaboration with The pill without the pill, MSD Italia educational project, dedicated to young women who intend to be protagonists in all the most important decisions of their lives and who want to have the opportunity to choose the contraceptive method that best suits the rhythm of their life when it comes to sex.

It is Rome that welcomes Love it! Conscious sex: the “Campus Orienta” Student Hall, which closes on Thursday 27 October at the Fiera di Roma, hosts Love it!, a space to explore the themes of sexuality: young women can consult a team of gynecologists free of charge and anonymously who will answer questions, doubts and curiosities about sexuality and contraception. The bracelet symbol of the campaign will also be distributed free of charge at the stand Love it!

and the contraception guide The pill without pill.

It is essential that today gynecologists come forward and become proactive because the very young people who begin to have the first sexual intercourse at an early age have a lack of correct information on the contraception that puts them at risk of contracting sexual transmission diseases and of having unwanted pregnancies” he claims Russian Novella, Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. «SOlo the gynecologist can explain the wide range of contraceptives available beyond the classic pill, from the vaginal ring to the patch, from the subcutaneous system to the spiral, and involve the young women in the decision process that will thus choose the method that best suits their clinical characteristics e to the type of life“.

But it is not only the girls who need support when we talk about conscious contraception: among the young people who met the gynecologists of the campaign Love it! Conscious sex in the previous editions, 18% of young men also stood out who found the possibility of discussing with gynecological specialists an opportunity to receive more information on hormonal contraception, in order to be able to participate in couple choices.

During 2016 it will be possible to find the stand Love it! in the stages of Student Hall throughout Italy: after Rimini, Monza, Naples, Milan, Pescara and Rome, Turin, Lamezia Terme, Bari and Catania will host the information campaign that helps girls learn more about the contraceptive alternatives most suitable for them.