• November 22, 2022

Operation Wellness 6 out of 10 Italians are healthy only in words

Operation Wellness, 6 out of 10 Italians are health conscious only in words

With Christmas just around the corner, we are back to talking about the dried fruits. And if in the past this represented a welcome feature of Christmas tables, today more and more studies and initiatives are making known benefits that a regular consumption, integrated in the context of a Mediterranean diet and an active lifestyle, can have on our health. But how many Italians really consume nuts regularly and take care of their well-being?

This is revealed by a research conducted by Nucis Italy

This is revealed in a research conducted by Nucis Italy Within a selection of outlets of the major mass retailers throughout the country. Here, consumers were invited to answer a questionnaire concerning their daily habits, with the aim of making a self-assessment of their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, supported by a nutritionist. Among the factors considered: the quality and the variety in one’s diet, the frequency and the meal composition consumed during the day, the performance of recreational and/or physical activities.

According to this survey, conducted during 2019

According to this survey, conducted during 2019 on a sample of about 2.000 individuals, only 18% of Italians Make Their Own Well-Boing A priority by Applying Themselves Daily to Taking Care of Their Lifestyle and Diet: A Rather Homogeneo Averal Figure Between Northern, Central and Southern Italy, with a Slightly More virtous Averali percentage in the center, at 19 percent, and a bit lower in the south, at 16 percent.

Another In the contrast, 20% of respondents were found to have little interest in Wellness Issues and Practices, By Making Laziness Prevail in Their Lifestyle Without Too Much Remorse. The Most prevaler Misbehavors in This Portation of the population are as follows: Skipping Breakfast, Favorite Ready-Made Meals, Don’t Carve Out Spaces for Physical Activity, take Only Occasionally Strategic Foods For Their Own Well-Boing, Such As Dried Fruit.

Yn Wide Room for Improvement

Fortuntely, There Seems to be ample Room for Improvement Overall; In fact, the remaining 62% of respondents Demstrated a High Degree of Awareness Revealing to Thorough Knowledge, At Least in Theory, About Behavors for One’s Own Well-Boing, While Admitting That They Fail to Implement Them in Everyday life Two, Mainly, to the lack of time to devote to good habits.

Continuing to Spread Awareness About the “Rules of Wellness” is a FundaMental Starting Point for Growing, AS A Resault, Also The concrete Commitment to Taking Care of One’s Health. Therefore, with the project of “Dried Fruit is wellness.”, Nucis Italia Has Been Organizing For More Than A Decade Throughout Italy Information Activities on the Health Values of Dried and Dehydated Fruit: Not Only Promoting Habitual Consumeption in Association with the Mediterranean Diet, But Also Communicing The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle.